Hi, my name is Perry Finley and I am the Founder of the Gratitud Co. Sociedad Anonima (also hereafter referred to as Gratitud Co. S.A., GCO, GCO S.A., or Gratitud Co.) - formerly Limitless Co.

Since beginning my digital career nearly a decade ago in 2013, I have helped hundreds of clients on the journey of growing their digital business.

Now I focus mainly only working with premium eCommerce clients help scale their online business and helped generate tremendous results, averaging a 8+ return on investment (ROI) on Facebook advertising over the last 4 years and 10+ ROI on Google advertising (proof available upon request and to be included in Case Studies which will soon be published).

All of this in addition to implementing seamless digital infrastructure, online processes to streamline efficiency and productivity, building relationships and enhancing the customer's online experience.

Around 2017 I got what seemed like the crazy idea to move 'abroad', thus dissolving my originally formed S. Corporation "Limitless Co." in the state of Florida and the country of The United States of America. After traveling for a few years, I have set roots in Nicaragua where I now live full time. For this reason I have registered my business as "Gratitud Co. Sociedad Anonima" which is an official marketing agency based on the Department of Rivas and the Country of Nicaragua with a RUC Number (similar to a Tax ID in the United States) of J031000417482.

I appreciate your consideration in taking the next step on your journey and look forward to speaking soon.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me personally at perry@gratitud.io

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